With so many new high-rise building projects being planned and executed all over Florida, I couldn’t help but became super excited about the seemingly endless possibilities in this industry. So three years ago, I decided to apply for a job at one of the biggest developing and building contractors in Miami and they hired me as a technical engineer. I was super happy, but only for eight months.

I decided to start two new things: My own construction company as well as this blog – Aerators Inc. It’s my dream to make you feel as interested about the fascinating world of construction as I am. On this blog you will find the most practical guides on all sorts of building, installation and maintaining ventures you can possibly imagine.

I just started like two years ago, but the blog has already hundreds of loyal followers. So if you like what you read on Aerators please feel free to share it on facebook and twitter. I highly appreciate all your support! It’s more difficult and time consuming to maintain a blog like this, not only writing new content about my experiences in construction but also to permanently improve its design, interface and user experience.

If you want to advertise or just get in touch with me then you can do so on my contact page.